New Gourmet Fudge Flavors

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful early spring weather we’re having. It will surely come and go before it’s here to stay, but for now it’s nice to just enjoy the blooming flowers, trees, sunshine and singing birds.

We’ve decided to put  a couple of older fudge flavors out to pasture for the time being, to rotate in some new fresh ones.  Mocha Pecan and Vanilla Cherry are no longer being offered. Not that we don’t love them, but feeling all spring-y has put us in the mood for a change.

We’re bringing in some Michigan themed flavors, Maple Cherry Walnut and Vanilla Cranberry Walnut. Sourcing local ingredients is one of our passions and we’re proud to say that all of the pure maple syrup, cranberries and cherries that go into these flavors are home grown right here in northern Michigan.

Let us know what you think of the new flavors! We’d love to hear your ideas for new flavors as well. It’s always fun to mix things up and change the flavor options, so be creative!

Here’s to many more beautiful sunny spring days.

Happy Sunday,



My Account – NEW Website Feature!

One of the exciting new features of our website is the ability for everyone to create their own account. Why is this so exciting, you ask? Just check out all the things you’ll be able to do below.

  • Can’t find your order in your email? Just log into your account and see every order you’ve placed with us.
  • Need to track your package? You can do that from this screen as well.
  • Billing and Shipping addresses are saved for future reference. No more re-typing addresses every time you need a sugar fix!
  • Don’t want to re-enter your credit card either? We can hang onto that information securely as well.
  • You can write reviews and tell us what you think of our products.
  • There’s also a wishlist tool. Where you can create a list of items and send them to others, similar to a wedding/baby/birthday registry. It’s never too soon to start making your list for Santa.

My Account Screenshot

All-in-all there are so many reasons you should go ahead and set up an account on the new website. Your typing fingers will thank you.

Have a great day,


New Website

We’re so excited to have announced our new website today. We’ve been selling online for many years now, so a launch isn’t really anything new to us. However, this time around there are so many advanced features, new products and enhancements to the site that we’re just beside ourselves with glee. It’s almost as good as having some of our fresh caramel pecan turtles….almost.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the new and exciting things that are happening at the Mackinac Fudge Shop that you might not know about.

1. New Website – Woot! is currently live and our existing website will be transferred over within a week or so. We’re still working out the bugs and would love to have any thoughts or feeback (constructive criticism can be very helpful!). So check it out, let us know what you think….and if you place an order we’ll even go all in with FREE SHIPPING over $30. Just to thank you for your help. Use the coupon code: SPRING12 at checkout. Give exceptional feedback and you might just find an extra special treat in your box when it arrives.

On the new website you’ll see tons of new products (of course they’re all amazing!) and new features, like user accounts so you don’t have to enter your personal information every time you order. That’s just for starters, there will also be deal of the day promotions, a loyalty club and much more coming soon.

2. Blog! – Here you are!  We’re new to blogging, but it sounded like fun. Just another way for us to share all the exciting happenings in our candy coated lives. We hope you’ll decide to follow us along on this journey and give us your two cents along the way. We love to hear from all our customers – so give us a shout!

Have a sweet day,